Reverend Terrence Alexander Ranson, Sr.

Pastor Terrence Alexander Ranson Sr. has been a part of the Greater Evergreen Baptist Church family all of his life and a member over twenty years. He has served in many capacities in the church including Director of the Youth Choir, Instructor of the New Members Class and Youth President of the National Baptist Missionary Association Southeast Supervisor and Youth Regional Conference.

He is a graduate of Eleanor McMain Senior High School, a graduate of University of New Orleans, member of Alpha Theta Sigma, Alpha Phi Alpha, and Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternities. Pastor Ranson is also a student of Religious Education at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, Board of Directors and Youth Director of the Youth Department of the Louisiana Freedmen Missionary Baptist General Association and 1st Vice President of the Liberty Missionary Baptist Educational Association. He also serves as the Assistant National Director of the National Baptists Missionary Association Southeast Supervisor and Youth Regional Conference. On August 3, 2008 following a spiritual awakening, he announced his calling to preach the Gospel to the Congregation of Greater Evergreen under the leadership of his late pastor and teacher Rev. Edward S. Terry, Sr.

He preached his first sermon and received his license on September 21, 2003. He was later ordained by the Louisiana Freedmen Missionary Baptist General Association under the leadership of the late Dr. Benjamin Maxon, Jr. on March 26, 2004. He served under his the late Pastor E. S. Terry as an associate minister.

The Greater Evergreen Church Family experienced a season of change due to the failing health and death of Pastor E. S. Terry on December 31, 2004. God kept his promise to never leave or forsake his children, and on April 16, 2005 the name of Rev. Terrance Alexander Ranson was submitted to the waiting congregation as selection for Pastor. On May 6, 2005 with open arms the congregation welcomed its new Pastor Terrance Alexander Ranson Sr.

Pastor Ranson has received recognition and numerous awards for service to God and the community, but his most valued and cherished accomplishment is that he possesses the BA degree… Having been born again and washed in the blood of the Lamb. Therefore, his stated desire is to be remembered as a child of the King. His motto is “If you are good to God he will be good to you.

He is a gifted preacher and teacher who rightfully divides the word of truth, so that even the children in the congregation understands. He is humble, but yet stern in his leadership. Pastor Ranson strives for excellence and elegance in everything that is done in GEBC.

Pastor Ranson Sr. is the husband of First Lady Leslie Hillard Ranson. He is the proud father of three children: Laurenea Nicole, Taylor Alexis, and Terrence II. 

Greater Evergreen Baptist Church

On August 4, 1927, a group of fourteen baptized believers in Christ began having church service in the home of the late Bro. and Sis. Edward and Charlotte Frazier at 3164 Florida Avenue. All of the fourteen were former members of the True Vine Baptist Church, located on the corner of Louisa and North Dorgenois Streets. This young group of dedicated Christians was under the leadership of Pastor James A. MacMillion. The founding fourteen were: Sis. Lula Andrews, Bro. Manual Andrews, Sis. Lena Bolden, Sis. Charlotte Frazier, Bro. Edward Frazier, Sis. Annie Hills, Sis. Mary Jones, Sis. Julia Kelly, Sis. Hattie Lee, Rev. James MacMillion, Sis. Ann MacMillion, Bro. Samuel Rowe, and Bro. Alonzo Thomas.

The members would meet at the Frazier’s home for some time with no official name until a member, Sis. Mary Jones, while admiring the greenery in Sis. Frazier’s yard suggested naming the church Evergreen. They all agreed and accepted Evergreen Baptist Church as the name.

The first baptism was held in April of 1928. The candidates were the late James E. Brown and Bernice Manual Domino. Bro. Brown went on to become Rev. Brown. And pastured a church in Los Angeles, California. He named the church Evergreen Church of God in Christ. Sis. Domino maintained her membership at Evergreen. While at Evergreen, Sis. Domino served on several boards and committees. She was a member of the choir, the Beautifying Club, the Homecoming chairperson for several years; she even chaired the anniversary program. Sis. Domino was the member that started the “At Home Tea.” Sis. Domino was a community activist. She loved her church and also her community until her death.

After worshipping and serving the Lord in the Frazier home, on April 5, 1945, the members decided to purchase land at the sum of $700.00. The new home of Evergreen Baptist Church was 3123 North Tonti. A small edifice was built to the rear of the lot by the members who carried lumber from the now defunct Milenburg Resort.

After the death of Rev. MacMillion, the late Rev. Willie Williams became Pastor and served for nine years. The late Elisha Brown was his successor and during Rev. Brown’s tenure, Greater Evergreen was chartered. The church became incorporated as the Greater Evergreen Baptist Church on September 30, 1944. The word “Greater” was added to the name when it was discovered during incorporation that there was another church in Louisiana with the name Evergreen. The seven thoughtful articles of incorporation with eighteen sections were made official by: Rev. Elisha Brown (Pastor), Bros. Manual Andrew, Sam Milton, Jesse Lockhart, Owens Hall, James Pratt, and Edward Frazier.

Rev. Elisha Brown also led the congregation and directed the execution of the vision that built the old sanctuary which was located at 3123 N. Tonti. The pews were built and donated by the late Bro. Resel Manual. Rev. Brown moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana and the late Rev. A.J. Watkins became Pastor, serving for a short period. In April of 1955, the late Rev. Horace Brown was installed as our Pastor. The kitchen was added to the Tonti St. structure under the leadership of the church. He will always be remember for his very soften voice preaching words “a rock on top of a rock, a rock on side of a rock, a rock beneath a rock, a rock in a weary land.” Rev. Horace Brown was inspired by all and led the congregation faithfully until his death in June 1977.

The late Reverend Edward Samuel Terry Sr. became the Pastor of Greater Evergreen in November of 1977. While under the leadership of Rev. Terry, Greater Evergreen Baptist Church became the “Biggest Little Church”. Rev. Terry was an inspiration to both the young and also the young at heart. The groundbreaking on this sanctuary was held Sunday, June 10, 2001 and construction commence on Monday, May 10, 2002. The dedication of this edifice was held the week of January 19-22, 2002. His legacy at Greater Evergreen will always be remembered by his saying “Mind my sister how you walk on the cross, your foot slip and soul be lost, nobody fault but your own.” And also, “If I, If I I be lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men unto me.”

On May 6, 2005, Greater Evergreen stepped into a new ere. A era filled with vision and promise under the leadership of Rev. Terrence Alexander Ranson Sr. Pastor Ranson began his tenure as under-shepherd of this flock as our youngest Pastor. Much progress has been made in spite of the nation’s greatest natural disaster Hurricane Katrina. Pastor Ranson kept this congregation together throughout displacement all across the country and oversaw the renovation of our edifice following the storm. In addition to the acquisition of three properties (including four affordable housing units for the community), Evangelism and Outreach efforts have grown to” Reach the Lost at any Cost, and Teach the Saved to Served”. With God on our side leading our Pastor, magnificent and powerful things are in store for Greater Evergreen Baptist Church.


Greater Evergreen Baptist Church
2243 Clouet Street
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